Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela

Criollo Cookbook
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Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela is a small collection of home and street recipes, folk tales and traditions of Venezuelan cuisine. A

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All recipes in the book have full page color photographs!

Interactive Preview

Click on the picture below to see a full preview of Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela cookbook. You can click through the pages and see what the book looks like!

Criollo Movies

Check out my Facebook Page and Youtube Channel for instructional videos of the most popular Criollo dishes.

Donations to Casa de Maria in Venezuela

All the profits from the first and second edition of Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela were donated to Casa de Maria children's charity in El Tigre, Venezuela. AWe have now handed in the last donation for a total of $1800! Thank you so much for everyone who contributed to this wonderful charity.

Casa de Maria provides food, school supplies and other aids to needy children in El Tigre, Venezuela. This family-run charity serves lunch Monday to Friday to about 50-100 children. The menu is designed by a nutrition expert and it varies according to donations received. Casa de Maria also hosts two annual events to collect clothes and other donations for families in need.

Casa de Maria's parent organization no longer permits private fundraising on their behalf, so we will not be collecting any more donations. However, you can still donate to them directly! Casa de Maria in El Tigre is part of the Beth Myriam organization. There are many Casa de Maria's across the world who can benefit from your generosity. Visit to learn more about how you can help

About Me

I was born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela in 1983. I grew up in the coastal city of Puerto La Cruz before moving to Canada at the age of 17, where I currently live with my husband Adam and two chocolate labs.

This book truly has my heart and soul poured into it and I hope it will touch you and give you a taste of my homeland. Feel free to email me with questions and comments to or on Facebook.

Buen provecho!

L. Fernando Gonzalez

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These are some reviews posted online

    "Excellent book. Superbly photographed and the little stories about each dish are a delight. Makes me want to do two things -- learn how to cook and go to Venezuela. " -- Derek, Great Brittain.

    "Your cookbook is gorgeous. (...) Your photography is amazing (I can say this because I am a professional photographer), and the stories on each page about the food is inspiring." -- Shelley, USA.

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